Who uses ePortfolio?

The NHS ePortfolio is used by a number of different medical and health care organisations in the UK and abroad either as part of a training programme and/or as part of professional development. These different versions of ePortfolio, sometimes referred to as “sites”, support a rapidly expanding number of health professionals’ achievement, reflection and learning.

Who can have an ePortfolio account?

In most cases ePortfolio accounts are created for users by their affiliated training body (such as a Royal College or a Medical School) when entering a training programme.

At present it is not possible to have an ePortfolio account unless you are associated with one of the below listed organisations. Note that other Royal Colleges may have their own e-portfolio systems.

What type of ePortfolio users are there?

There are three main types (roles) of users in the ePortfolio system: trainees (sometimes referred to as Users, Participants, or Students), supervisors (for example Tutors or Programme Directors), and administrators. External Assessors are users who have performed a ticketed assessment for a trainee and have chosen to create an assessor log in (“Keep a record”).

It is not uncommon for some users to have multiple roles, often between different versions, for example you may be a clinical supervisor for foundation trainees, an educational supervisor for specialty trainees and an external assessor; or an Administrator may be able to edit posts for more than one set of trainees.

Which versions of ePortfolio are currently in use?

Medical schools (Undergraduate Medical ePortfolio, UMeP)

Scotland only