Information for current users

The NES (NHS Education for Scotland) ePortfolio has grown rapidly since its inception in August 2005 and now comprises over 20 versions for over 35,000 healthcare trainees within Scotland (Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry and Pharmacy), across the United Kingdom (Medicine), and The Republic of Ireland (Medicine).

A walk-though of the main features of the NHS ePortfolio can be found at Demonstration access is available for all versions on request.

Data Security

Security of an electronic portfolio has to not only match, but be significantly more secure than, paper records. Strict protocols restrict access to data, and security is a key priority for the NES e-Portfolio team.

Hardware and software security conforms to industry standards and NES annually commissions an external security review of the ePortfolio to make absolutely certain that the system stands up to persistent and/or malicious attempts to breach security. This is an extremely rigorous review that involves the system being ‘attacked’ systematically over a given period by security experts. The system also undertakes reviews to ensure compliance with Caldicott Principles.

Data Protection

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) collects and processes trainees’ ePortfolio information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information entered into your ePortfolio by you, or about you by training administrators or supervisors, will not be shared with any external third parties. All identifiable information is held securely and treated confidentially.

Within Scotland, NES (including Scotland’s Postgraduate Deaneries) will use ePortfolio data to support you throughout your training. This involves maintaining accurate records; the pursuit of NES’ duty to evaluate the effectiveness of training; ensuring that services continue to meet users’ educational needs, and to allow further development to improve education and training for future trainees where required.

Who are we?

The ePortfolio team is based at the South East (Edinburgh) regional offices of NHS Education for Scotland and comprises both NES and contract staff. As there a number of governance structures in place, please contact the team for specific information or visit

Further support

In all cases, support for the ePortfolio should be directed to the appropriate local contact eg Deanery, Royal College, NES professional lead, university etc.

If there is a technical issue please use the ePortfolio Support link. If you are unable to log in and your local administrator is unable to help you then you can contact support directly by email to