Release 7.0 - Sat 15 Sep 2012

The ePortfolio is to be off-line on Saturday at 10am for a up to 1 hour while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This will be release 7.0, the highlights of which are detailed below. A documented description of all updates can be found in the Release Notes section.

Release 7.0 highlights

6293      UMeP (undergraduate) restructure and new forms for 2012 academic year
6148      Update to Work Based Assessments link to an external PDF document for RCPCH trainees
6227      Additional locations added to Nursing and Midwifery site
6231      Foundation – update Forms landing page so that there are links to Assessments (TAB) and Assessment (Core Procedures)
6232      Additional and updated links on Pharmacy PRPS trainee homepage
6235      LEARN – users can override mandatory training if they have already completed it in DOTS
6244      Dental Update to LEP form
6262      Fix to problem of submenus not appearing when the mouse hovers over it that affects some older browsers
6297      Summary page for dental LEPs showing LEP date (previously it had been displaying the last modified date)
6319      Fix to forms display in Chrome and Safari browsers (tables not rendering properly)
6337      Dental Update to CbD/DEP form
6437      Foundation – analyse forms issues fixed for administrators
6478      Creation of new RCPCH role: CSAC Chair
6490      Updates to dental PAQ


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