Release 7.1 - Sat 22 Sep 2012

The ePortfolio is to be off-line on Saturday at 10am for a up to 1 hour while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This will be release 7.1, the highlights of which are detailed below. A documented description of all updates can be found in the Release Notes section.

Release 7.1 highlights

6058       TAB Summary page updated to include Summary form and creation process
6384       Dental Change LEP display to include LEP ID number on summary page, also type of LEP
6501       Form Status will now reflect completion of Combined Initial Meeting forms
6550       Temporary removal of user guides so that new versions can be uploaded when complete (note that Trainee user guide is already up to date for 2012 session)
6551       Learn Section now fully functional
6449       End date programme should be mandatory on user training programme page
6372       Legacy data restored to log entries when trainee had 2 training programmes; fix to paging issues
6058       TAB and self-TAB fully controlled by Round dates such that these forms can only be created when the Round is open

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