Release 7.5 - Sat 27 Oct 2012

The ePortfolio is to be off-line on Saturday at 8am for a up to 1 hour while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This will be release 7.5, the highlights of which are detailed below. A documented description of all updates can be found in the Release Notes section.

Release 7.5 Highlights

6177      Fix: Foundation trainees can’t manually link to Core Procedures
6205     Update to Appointment bar display for Physician site
6315      Fix: Admin view of supervised trainees corrected
6321      Fix to URLs within Messaging
6322      Fix: Title ratings were missing when viewing form via curriculum
6366      RCPCH: update to date picker on Supervision form
6380      Fix: removal of duplicate declarations (Foundation and UMeP)
6405      Fix: Foundation DOPS title correction
6429      Physician Update Form Title from “Reflection on your teaching” to “Teaching you have delivered”
6433      Fix RCOG – Test OSATS – Fetal measurement, lie and presentation (v2) RCOG missing complete section
6435      Fix: Error accessing Declarations
6486      Fix: Foundation Induction Meeting with Clinical Supervisor – was not adding signatures once saved
6522      Fix: RCOG correction to supervisor permissions on previous training record TO forms
6595      UMeP: remove 2 fields from CBD, DCT, DOPS, miniCEX and update assessor position
6610       NM: update to role icons
6617       N&M: Update admin page to make the end date field optional for Nursing and Midwifery Career long ePortfolio
6620      N&M: Add link to user guides
6648      Fix: UMeP/CEM/RCPI: Error when updating profile
6664      RCOG: Addition of new roles: ATSM Supervisor, ATSM Preceptor, and ATSM Director
6665      Dental: Virtual LEPs added
6682      Foundation: User Guides links updated
6688      Dental: Change link for search for a trainee button
6689      Dental: Update dates displayed on Alerts to due dates and not entered dates
6691      RCOG: New grades added: OOPT, OOPE, OOPR, OOPC
6702      Curriculum updates to views for specific sites
6782      Physician: Fix to layout of comments under supervisors report
6785      Update ticket assessor permissions on Additional Achievements
6811      Fix: Photo upload broken when uploading the same file twice


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