Release 7.9 - Mon 26 Nov 2012

The ePortfolio was off-line on Monday at 10pm for 20mins while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This is release 7.9, the highlights of which are detailed below. A documented description of all updates can be found in the Release Notes section of the ePortfolio site.

6526      RCOG: Educational Log section to show training year grade
6651      Dental: DEP Update
6693      UMeP Administrator: Fix for the date on the search trainees area
6697      Dental: Additional Paq Rounds menu and access
6698      Foundation (West Midlands): Forms added to Analyse Forms area
6750      Dental: Update to LEP to add columns for reporting
6756      Dental: Lep Phase V Outstanding Needs Improvement Summar
6757      Dental: Phase VI – LEP Summary of Performance
6773      RCOG: Update for OSAT U S Fetal Msmt Form
6821      Dental: Add menu for analyse forms
6825      Dental: LEP block deadline dates should appear in the ‘due date for submission’ drop down box
6870      Build FOM Basic Site
6911      UMeP Administrator: Fix Summary report not displaying correctly
6995      Foundation Administrator: Fix to correct access to End of Placement report forms

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