Release 8.2 - 13 Dec 2012

The ePortfolio was off-line on Thursday at 10pm for 45 minutes while we deployed updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 8.2, the highlights of which are detailed below.


NES Id Description Site
6758 Dental – Phase VII Additional Training Form Specifications ePortfolioDental
6727 Dental – PAQ Summary of Performance Form ePortfolioDental
5421 TAB comment display update (TAG CR118) ePortfolioFoundation
4922 Add supervisor signature ability ePortfolioRCR
4916 Year of specialty training autofill in relevant assessment forms ePortfolioRCR
4912 Clinical Supervisor: Initial/Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4905 Educational Supervisor: Annual Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4900 Access Rights link removed ePortfolioRCR
4896 Supervisors Report autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4891 Clinical Supervisor: Initial/Induction Appraisal autofill addition ePortfolioRCR
4881 Allow comments in multi source feedback MSF ePortfolioRCR
4880 Audit Assessment form update on assessor role question ePortfolioRCR
4878 Post Specialties capture on new post creation administration ePortfolioRCR
4877 Year 6 added to all CR Assessments ePortfolioRCR
3354 RCR: Trainee comments in WpBAs ePortfolioRCR
2109 Clinical Supervisor Appraisal Update ePortfolioRCR


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