Release 8.4 - Thu 10 Jan 2013

The ePortfolio was off-line on Thursday at 10pm for 45 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This is release 8.4, the highlights of which are detailed below.


•    6853     Sys: FAQ Admin – Items are being orphaned when added to a new site
•    7167     UMeP: tol Undergrad Site With Signoff Report (aka Curriculum)
•    7186     Physician: Admins have “Move Forms” functionality
•    7340     Foundation: Post new version of “Foundation Admin user guide”


•    6934, 7189 Foundation: Specialty list not in A-Z order
•    7221     RCR: Followup to “Access Rights”
•    7262     Dental: enrolments team impacting Dental ePortfolio Advisors
•    7289     Dental: site showing incorrect locked out error message
•    7310     RCOG: Comments not being saved on “OSATS – Fetal measurement, lie and presentation”
•    7285 RCR: “Add new log” button missing in Personal Records section
•    7351 RCR: Incorrect assessments assigned to trainees


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