Release 8.8 - Tue 12 Feb 2013

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 35 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 8.8, the highlights of which are detailed below:


4885 Update RCR: Remove Supervisors option to add ARCP forms
5418 Update Foundation and Dental : Finding and Selecting Trainees Upgrade
6618 Fix Messaging not returning correct programme numbers
7004 Update Physician: add a pass/fail box and explanatory text to the bottom of all AoP forms (part of the WPBA pilot)
7068 Fix GMC Validation Message Text correction
7240 Update Dental: Disallow new LEP forms to be saved into ended posts.
7254 Update Dental: New ‘Dental Dean’ Role
7280 Fix Sys: Intake Management search error
7403 Fix Incorrect warning when logging in that GMC Number is already in use
7500 Update Dental: LEP reporting – LEP year to date summary
7616 Update Sys: Re-enable Google Analytics
7617 Update Sys: Implement Summary Report Database Switch
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