Release 9.4 - Tue 2 Apr 2013

The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm, offline for 15 minutes while we deploy updates and perform routine maintenance. This is release 9.4, the highlights of which are detailed below:

• 7320 NM and N&M: 2d: Custom form
• 7653 RCPI PCS: Reporting – Implement “Helpdesk – PCS User Report”
• 7683 DENTAL: LEP Trainer/External signature should be a mandatory field on LEP form
• 7775 DENTAL: LEPSOP/PAQSOP director signatures
• 6386 DENTAL: GMC Number still exists in ‘My Filled Forms’ for External Assessor
• 7728 EPORTFOLIO: Update Admins Password Reset Process
• 7739 EPORTFOLIO: Addition of HTTP header to enable Chrome Frame usage
• 7966 EPORTFOLIO: Cleanup the Post Search
• 8030 EPORTFOLIO: User Search control post dates

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