The ePortfolio was updated on Tuesday at 10pm and was off-line for 30 minutes while we deployed updates and performed routine maintenance. This was release 9.0, the highlights of which are detailed below:

Updates included in this build are:

· 7136 – FOUNDATION: Administrators when Moving Posts, post dates should not overlap within a training programme
· 7256 – DENTAL: New ‘Dental Regional administrator’ role

Fixes included in this build are:

· 7071 – PHYSICIAN: Delete duplicate programme
· 7210 – PHYSICIAN: Exams – Change hover-over text
· 7471 – UMeP: Site has no Certificate Types
· 7472 – UMeP: Text correction to taster form to refer to ‘Student’
· 7499 – PHYSICIAN: Disable trainees’ ability to add themselves to a curriculum