Below are the items that are to be included in Release 15.5 scheduled for deployment on Saturday, the 16th August 2014.

Ref No.   Site Type
9901   UNDERGRADUATE – CARDIFF – New site Update item
10683   NMCL – Show form titles on “Download ePortfolio” page Update item
12554   DENTAL – Updates to exisiting “DF2/ SHO Certificate” form Update item
12868   DENTAL – Create new form DF2 SHO Certificate (Manual) Update item
13483   EPORTFOLIO – Fix javascript loading as part of code cleanup Update item
13487   DENTAL – LEP form – limit “LEP date” entry to three days previous Update item
13489   FOUNDATION – Form R date picker tool needs replaced or removed Fix
13614   EPORTFOLIO – Display Form Group description on dynamic overview pages Update item
13871   EPORTFOLIO – Problem when Management Admin resets a password for a user Fix
13881   EPORTFOLIO – Unable to specify sort order for information items via Admin Information facility Fix
13928   EPORTFOLIO – Unable to delete items within self-managed forms Fix