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Unable to login

I can't login because the system says my username or password is incorrect.

If you are having trouble logging in and you are not confident you are using the correct username or password, then it is best to use the forgotten login details tool to obtain a reminder of your username and reset your password.

If you believe you are using the correct username and password but still cannot login please see the tips below that help with the most common issues encountered by our users:

  • Ensure you are entering the correct username, which may not be your email address.  Your username is often your surname plus a four digit number but may also be your email address.  If you are unsure of your username you can obtain a reminder of your username by providing your email address to the forgotten login details tool.
  • Your password is case sensitive. Often, mobile devices automatically capitalised the initial character of text input into form fields.  Please ensure that your device is not automatically capitalising the initial character unexpectedly, resulting in you providing the incorrect password.
  • Your username or password contains characters that appear on the keyboard of one device but not another.  If you have set your username or password to contain a non alphanumeric character on one device, please not that the same non alphanumeric character may not appear on the keyboard of other devices.  e.g. the apostrophe character on the keyboard of Windows devices is a vertical apostrophe whereas the apostrophe on the keyboard of iOS devices is a backwards sloping apostrophe, which is different.

The forgotten login details tool does not recognise my current email address 

If you have an NHS ePortfolios user account but the forgotten login details page does not recognise your current email address, please contact the NHS ePortfolios technical support team by emailing so we can restore your access to your account.

When contacting us, please provide us with as many of the following details as possible:

  • Your username, if you remember this.
  • Your current email address plus any previous email addresses you have used in the past.
  • Any registration numbers (e.g. GMC Number, NMC Number, NTN Number, College Number)
  • If a trainee, details of your own last post.
  • If a tutor/supervisor, details of trainees/students you have supervised.



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