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3.2 Received a ticket request in error?

If you have received a ticket request in error then please decline the request, notifying the sender that they have sent it in error.  Declining a ticket request prevents you from receiving further reminders to complete that ticket request.

To decline the ticket request, either:

Click the red "Decline Request" button in the message you have received, provide a reason, then click "Submit" to decline the ticket request.


Complete the "Ticket Login" panel at by entering the 10-digit login code from the message you have received into the "Login Code" field then clicking the green "Login" button.  On the next page, click the red "Decline Ticket" button. You will be asked to provide a reason for rejecting the ticket request which will be visible to the ticket sender. Click "submit" to decline the request.  A short guide showing how to decline a ticket can be viewed here:

If you are regularly received ticket requests in error and wish users are blocked from sending you further ticket requests please contact the NHS ePortfolios technical support team.

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