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3.1 Completing a ticket request

If you have received a ticket request and wish to complete the requested item(s) you can start by browsing to then entering the 10-digit login code from the ticket request message into the "10-digit Login Code" field at the right hand section of our login form (lower section of the form on narrow/mobile devices) and clicking the green "Login" button.

On the next page, you will be presented with four possible routes forward:

  • Login (to an existing account)
  • Create Account 
  • Continue without account
  • Decline Ticket

If you do not wish to complete the items requested, press the "Decline Ticket" button.  You will be asked to provide a reason for rejecting the ticket request which will be visible to the ticket sender.  A short guide showing how to decline a ticket can be viewed here:

If you wish to be able to view the requested items after you have saved them (e.g. so that you can download a list at a later date as evidence for revalidation) then you should choose either Login or Create Account route.  Once you have logged-in to your existing account or created a new account you will be able to proceed to complete the requested items.

If you will not need to access the requested items after you have completed them you can choose the "Continue without account" route.  On the next page after selecting this route you will be prompted to confirm your details so we can pre-fill these on your behalf.  Once your details are confirmed you will be able to complete the requested items.  Short guides showing how to complete a form ( and rating ( are available.

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